Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Weekend is Here! (A much shorter post this time...)

After a crazy busy week I can finally say, “Hallelujah, the weekend is here!”  J  This is one of the first weekends that I’m not working my other job and have no other obligations, other than to relax, which is exactly what I plan to do!  Here’s a little summary of my week:
Monday – busy, but short day of teaching (we have early release days for PD on Mondays), training on teaching phonics, late evening at school (stayed until 7:30pm organizing and preparing for the week), came home and wrote sub plans for Tuesday afternoon (we would be having a collaborative planning session for literacy)
Tuesday – assessment day (placement tests, unit test, etc.) during the morning, collaborative planning for literacy with the first grade team in the afternoon, 3 hour training after school on Success Maker (which I will be using to teach during the after-school program)
Wednesday – started testing 1st grade students on sight words, taught first full literacy lesson, stayed after school to plan, prepare, and organize for the following two days (left at 8:30pm)
Thursday – another busy day of teaching, made it out of school by 5:00pm, ran errands until 7:00pm (FYI – Target has all their back-to-school stuff on clearance – composition notebooks for $0.10 each and colored pens for $0.25 per pack – I couldn’t resist!), came home exhausted and needing to plan, but the exhaustion won
Friday –half day of planning (for conferences – haha) and a half day of conferences (trying to make it to all of my kids’ conferences was quite the feat… I still have Tuesday and Thursday to go!) 
And, finally, the weekend!
Now that I’ve kinda, sorta figured out the way things are going to run in my classroom, I’m going to go into school for a short little while tomorrow to put some finish touches on my “classroom.”  I have an entire classroom library that I will be unloading from my car (which will hopefully create a lot more space in my closet at home – lol) and some other useful items to drop off.  Once that is done, I will be fully ready to give you a tour of the Olympic Training Center!  J
Until then, have a restful, relaxing remainder of your weekend! 

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